Your guide to the perfect fake tan

So here is your guide to the perfect fake tan. Fake tans can have such a bad reputation due to lack of knowledge on how to care for your tan. Leading to streaking, patchiness and looking like you have been in a fight with gang of Wotsits. That really doesn’t have to be the case and to find out how you can look like a bronzed goddess keep reading.

In salon we use skinny tan because it’s natural, vegan and most importantly gives you a really natural bronzed look. We offer a natural, medium and dark shade in which your therapist is trained to guide you to the right colour that suits your skin tone and the occasion. Skin y tan also has a wide range of at home products too that help keep your tan topped up.

The most important step to tanning is the prep work. No seriously, it’s all in the prep. Let’s break down in bite size some skin science briefly. Your skin exfoliates itself naturally in patches over 3-5 days depending on your skin cells metabolism. Your skin is also the last organ to receive nutrients and hydration from the consumption of food and water due to your vital organs needing it first. This mean you may experience your skin is much more dehydrated and flaky during the hotter summer months. This can also affect your perfect even tan. Don’t fear, we have some easy steps you can take the prep for a perfect even tan.

Step one: Get rid of that dead skin.
It’s time to remove that dead skin, evening up your skin texture. Make sure you do this the day before your tan unless instructed otherwise by your therapist. This removes the unwanted skin cells that will result in a longer lasting tan with less chance of it becoming patchy. You can either have a tan prep treatment in the salon or body scrub at home in the shower.

Step two: Defuzz
If you have any hair you want to get rid of. Do it first, whether you wax, shave or use hair removal cream. This needs to be done the day before your spray tan and defiantly after you scrub otherwise it could create irritation if you do it the other way round.

Step three: Hydration, hydration, hydration.
After you body scrub and removal of unwanted hair, it’s so important to feed and protect those new skin cells to hold the moisture in. The more hydrated your skin is, the better the tan will sit and last. This should be done the night before prior to your tan unless instructed otherwise by your therapist.

Top tip: If you can eat essential fatty acids and drink plenty of water in the up coming week to your tan, your skin will thank you and become more hydrated.

On the day of your spray/fake tan do not wear any deodorant, perfumes, creams, make up or anything that can cause a barrier. Remember to wear loose clothing and take all your jewellery off. Your therapist should walk you through the rest. Happy tanning.

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