Why we do, what we do. (The ethical beauty dream)

For my first blog, I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about the why. Why The beauty shop is not just a pretty face. Why it’s important more than ever to create this collaboration of amazing cosmetics that you see before you in our online shop.

It’s all about that ethical beauty dream. As a consumer myself, just like you. I am aware that we hold the power to vote with our money. Supporting companies that we believe in, which hold the same values as us.

The Beauty Shop stands for supporting British, small businesses that create ethical, vegan and cruelty free beauty cosmetics. Which in turn helps companies like this thrive and makes an actual person do a happy dance every time you purchase from them. Not only is this helping create a world where we say no to animal cruelty at the cost of our vanity and yes to environmentally friendly cosmetics. Buying from small British businesses that share the same values as you also helps support your local community and UK suppliers. 

Side note: Your online consumerism power has never been so powerful with online businesses popping up all over the place. Even shopping local is a click away now as our lifestyles and the way we do business has changed. Who do you want to support to thrive?

The beauty shop is a space where ethical beauty products are all under one roof available to you at your fingertips. Thank you 21st century, for keeping us connected.

So what are you waiting for? Have a nosey around the new online shop.

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