Why we are going Vegan?


Why I decided to create a new vegan menu and start a mission to make my salon more eco-friendly.

Deliciously Ella was my first introduction to vegan food. In fact I followed many of her vegan recipes one by one and found it a really creative, fun and interesting way to organise food. Ella and many other vegan resources I have since discovered have inspired me to have a more plant based diet. It has also encouraged me to really think about my print on the world as a whole and not just thinking about the term ‘meat is murder’ but about how our environment suffers as a whole from the daily habits we do each day. The salon keeps its clients stress free, healthy and happy but what about the world?

I have been noticing recently there have been a lot of new restaurant menus offering a vegan options and actively looking at the current products I stock in the salon and noticing a lot of the majority of the products and ingredients in the products ranges I use, are in fact vegan. I then wanted to create a menu that has 100% vegan transparency.  As a salon we are so excited to be working with certificated vegan beauty suppliers to make this happen.

The new beauty vegan menu will include services such as the lunch time glow facial which is great for women on the go. Cleansing all the pollution and dead skin cells off and refreshing and nourishing your skin with vitamin packed filled organic products. It will also have our very popular skin resurfacing treatment, lash extend service and even tanning treatments. The menu has 10 services at the moment which will be increasing over time as we research into the quality of other vegan beauty materials keeping that high standard we are proud of a The Beauty Shop making the salon as vegan conscious and eco-friendly as possible.



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