Vegan and Cruelty Free wax

Our vegan transitioning journey

As a business and an influencer in the public eye, it is our duty to be conscious. Looking at the foot print we leave on the planet. We wanted to set a path for a vegan and eco friendly future. Blogging our journey to make it easier for people to follow.

Keeping the high quality and lasting results for our clients, has taken a long time. Sourcing a wax that we and our clients were actually happy with wasn’t easy. We have found this wax from Sienna x which were originally a tanning company but have perfected this beautiful wax. Personally The Beauty Shop weren’t convinced by just taking their word for it, it had to be trailed. What better way to trial it, than ask our clients and the Southend Vegan groups on social media to volunteer their hairy body parts.

What we thought…

When appling the wax on the first set of short stubbly legs Courtney and the client were unsure if the wax would even pull the hairs out. The hairs were much too short for a normal wax, but they tried any way. Not only were the hairs pulled out but it left such a smooth hydrating finish with the lack of the sticky residue which is normally left over on a normal leg wax. Really smooth and oddly moisturised legs. Redness to the area was minimum and the client said that is was a lot less painful than normal waxing.

The wax is made vegan and cruelty free as well as having benefits for people with sensitive skin including rosin and Tea Tree free. When trialing the wax on really thick hairs to fine hairs to all different skin types we have come to the conclusion that we have finally found the wax we are looking for. It makes us want to jump for joy and do a little happy dance. To book your summer wax, with this amazing wax click here

What our client’s thought…


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