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Tell stress to bugger off this Christmas

Tell stress to bugger off and create a self-care Christmas list this year. Allowing self-care in your routine isn’t a vanity affair it’s necessary. You know all that stressing and running around you do each year? Making sure the Christmas cards are sent, pondering what to buy your aunt ‘the lady that has it all’ this year? Are all the presents wrapped? oh shoot! that was the last of the Sellotape. Sound familiar? Well you are not the only one, in fact all the people you are gifting to are probably going through the same thing. So, doesn’t it make more sense to throw out all the unnecessary stress. Slow it down and maybe tell a friend about this secrete of the self-care Christmas list and spread the good vibes this party season. Here are some suggestions to add to you list.

1. Keep things simple.

All the pretty homemade treats and decorations on Pintrest look absolutely amazing but unless your housewife of the year with a lot of giving time on your hands, don’t stress yourself out by adding unnecessary things to your list. Use the ones you had last year and save money. I’m sure they are just as pretty. You will only feel disappointed if you don’t get around to doing it.

2. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Don’t book up all your time during the precious festive time you have off flying here there and everywhere to see all the family and friends, trying to stretch yourself out. It’s exhausting. Instead, how about inviting them all over or meeting them all out for nibbles, drinks and a good catch up. Creating a Jolly experience, with new family memories and saving so much time for your own self-care.

3. Make time for you

Don’t forget to make time for you. Why not try releasing tension in a salt bath or have a relaxing treat? We are offering some great Christmas special offers in the salon for you to take advantage of on the build up to the big day. If you need an excuse to justify your treat, just tell yourself, you simply must look your best for Santa clause. Click here to see the Christmas special offers

4. Be kind to yourself

Cross pointless, unnecessary things off your list and delegate the rest within the house hold. I’m sure your family will be happy to help and if things are not done ready in time for the big day, be kind to yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for all you have achieve this busy time of year. Practice a bit of gratitude for what you have. Don’t stress about the Christmas mince pies.

5. Use a gift finder

Yes there is such a thing as a gift finder so you don’t have to worry about that stuff. Sage loves is perfect for this time of year. They find the gifts and even get you discounts on presents when you shop through them, finding the aunt ‘who has it all’ doesn’t seem like such a hard task now, does it.

Hope you enjoyed these selfcare tips, Give us a comment below and let us know what will be on your selfcare Christmas list this year.

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