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Swedish Full Body Massage | £40

55 Minutes (V) (M)

This healing body treatment increases your circulation, boost your immune system, relaxes muscle tension and relieves stress. If you need that extra relaxation and want a true pamper, add on an additional face and scalp massage with this treatment.

Swedish Back Massage | £25

25 Minutes (V) (M)

Using muscle relaxant massage methods this treatment is healing as tension is released, blood flow is increased and your immune system is boosted. Reducing stress in your mind, body and soul.

Face & Scalp Massage | £25

25 Minutes (V) (M)

Why not add on a Swedish back massage to this treatment to replenish and relax even further?

A mixture of face and scalp pressure points and massage techniques to not only relief stress but drain your lymphatic system reducing a build-up of toxins and increasing blood circulation feeding the skin with oxygen.

Relax & Relief Foot / Hand Treatment | £25

25 Minutes (V) (M)

If you are someone that uses your hands a lot or if you are constantly on your feet whether it be typing, cleaning, labouring work, bar work or suffer with muscle ache in your hands or feet this treatment is for you. Deep cleansing and using specific massage techniques to relieve the tension, you will feel results after one treatment.

Full Body Skin Resurfacing Treatment | £40

55 Minutes (V)

Deeply cleansing removing dirt and bacteria from your skin with earthy and oceanic ingredients will leave the skin prepared for the absorption of pure highly intelligent organic anti-pollution ingredients, to nourish and feed your skin cells resulting in a smoother and hydrated feel and plumper appearance of the skin.

Mother Earth Body Wrap | £40

55 Minutes (V)

Using a mud base wrap this treatment is great treat for your skin all over the body. Drawing out all your skin impurities by cleansing and detoxifying this wrap also nourishes your skin by putting in hydration and feeding your skin cells. This treatment links great with any of our facial treatments that can be performed while your mud wrap is on to treat you skin from head to toe.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment | £40

55 Minutes (V)

Great for detoxing your skin. Clay based products are used to draw out any impurities but not stripping your skin of its natural oils. Getting rid of dull dead skin cells and refreshing the skin with re-balancing moisturiser. Leaving your skin clear and fresh.