Say no to winter hands

During the winter months, you may find no matter how much cream you apply your hands are still dry. We have come up with a few tips that will help hydrate and heal your hands.

  1. It might seem obvious once mentioned but washing your hands in harsh chemical bar soaps and hand wash will dry them out. Try opting for more kinda hand washes, I find organic and natural to be more kind on the hands. 
  2. If you are smothering your hands in thick balms and moisturiser without removing all the dry dead skin cells at least once a week from your hands. You will just be patting down the  dead skin and creating a barrier for the hydration to sink in also creating dull looking skin.
  3. What creams/ balms are you using? It’s all very well using thick creams and balms to layer on the top of the hands as a protection coating but if your creams/balms are not made to soak into the skin cells they will not be hydrating the skin cells within or creating a good barrier of fatty acid to keep moisture in. We highly recommend Earthzest Organics hand balm. With all it’s natural property’s it will give you high quality protection for weathered hands. 
  4. Gloves. Washing up gloves, outdoors gloves and gardening gloves. There are the best form of protection for your skin. Every day gloves do not only keep you hands warm but stop the harsh cold air stealing hydration from your skin. 

Really hope these few tips helped. Give them a try and let us know in the comments what you think. We are running a special offer this seasons for weathered winter hands so don’t forget to check it out. It will give your hands a great hydration boost. 

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