Roll in some mud

During the colder months it’s so important to detox. With all the winter germs going around to the harsh weather on your face and the diet you eat. No, we are not suggesting you head down to your local park and roll in some mud on the floor like a crazy person, resulting in a very unique look as the title of this blog may be perceived. We don’t even know if that mud will even detox your skin.

Your skin is an absorbable organ which means every thing your skin is exposed to from diet to environment it is absorbing. Remembering this and using key natrual ingredients to really detox your skin and even boost your skins immunity will result in a glorious healthy winter glow. The best way to detox is using pure clay or charcoal powder (depending on your skin type) mixed with distilled plain water or distilled with scented natrual floral water to create a mud. Knowing how pure the ingredients is that you put on your skin, is important. These Earth powders draw out any impurities in the skin including a build up of bacteria from an over production of oil in your pores. Balancing the skin out and creating a fresh canvous to push in vitamins boosting your skins immunity.

In the salon we are offering a full body cleanse as our seasonal special offer. Removing all your dead skin and stimulating your blood flow to prepare the skin to release toxins and soak up all the nutrious anti-oxidants provided with a luxury full body clay wrap. Even including a deep cleanse and skin boost on your face while your all wrapped up toasty. This offer will set you back just £45 for that gorgeous healthy winter glow. To book now on Thursday/Saturday for this offer click here.

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