Power of the brow

Power of the brow.

Eyebrows are a very prominent feature on your face and can really define and change the look of your face shape. Brows have become more and more important as apart of our grooming routine. It’s defiantly one of the most popular treatments in the salon. Having your brows done can really set off the look of your overall finished make up.

How can you tame your brows?
There are many techniques used in the industry which all fall on similar rules. You have threading, waxing, bleaching, tinting, make up and general shaping with the good old tweezers. There is defiantly a basic guide you should follow when getting the perfect shape if your a beginner. Making sure the brow isn’t to long or short and excels your natural arch. Have a look at the pictures below for some brow mapping tips, if you don’t have a waxing stick use a ruler to brow map.


Threading is a great technique to use, to not only shape the brows but to blend the hair. So you don’t have that definite brow line revealing fine, darker face hair. Normally found on clients with lighter skin tones to their natural body hair but can show up on darker skin tones with lighter body hair on the flip side. For example, if you had a holiday tan but blonde hair.

Waxing is great for pulling hair right out of the root, giving a smooth, defined look. It encourages the hair to grow back a lot finer as well. Resulting in being able to get out really fine hairs tweezers cannot touch. Results last up to 4 weeks depending on hair growth.

Do my brows need tinting?
Any one can benefit from tinting. If your brows are fair then you could consider tinting them a shade or two darker. This is a really good way of adding definition and picking out the really light hairs revealing more brow hairs you didn’t even know you had, also resulting in thicker looking brows. If your brows are darker or jet black a tint will help pick up the finer slightly lighter hairs creating more definition and more to shape to work with. It’s always good to go to a professional, to have them tinted, so you can be advised properly and make sure you get the desired result you are looking for. Remember to have a brow tint patch test before to make sure there are no emergency trips to A&E. YIKES

How do I fill in patches where no hair grows?
It’s really simple. Use a brow powder, pencil or liner to fill in the gaps. It’s really important you get the right shade to match your brows. Although you can choice a shade darker to add more definition as a cheat if you haven’t had tint to book in for a brow tint. If you a bit brow powder shy, we do offer one to one brow consultations.

Book a brow mapping consultation.

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