When life gives you lemons, make a refreshing drink.

Benefits of lemons

Hello beautiful readers, when life gives you lemons, create a refreshing lemon drink. There is nothing more refreshing that a glass of water with sliced lemon. Not only does this brighten your mood it also has many other benefits for your wellbeing. Here are 5 top benefits of drinking this fresh glass of sunshine.

1# Promotes Hydration.
By adding lemons to your water it increases your hydration levels more than just plain water. By adding electrolytes to your H2O, your body absorbs the water in deeper as it sees the water as a form of food. This results in more hydration in the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also great adding in some lemon or lime if you are not a water lover, just to give it that extra flavour.

2# It’s an anti-oxidant.
Lemon contains high volumes of vitamin C which is not only great for the body immune system but it helps protect against cell damage by fighting against nasty free radicals. Vitamin C also helps your body to absorb Iron, so it’s a great drink to have with a leafy green lunch/dinner.

3# Makes your breath fresh.
Lemon is known to neutralize odours like garlic, onion or fish. Lemon also helps stimulate saliva and the water helps prevent a dry mouth which can lead to bad breath due to the excess bacteria growth when your mouth is dry. Get drink that lemon, maybe even add a bit of mint.

4# Helps your body’s immune system.
Lemon balances out the PH levels in the body and is massively beneficial for colon health as well it being a powerful anti-bacterial helping to prevent growth of any bacteria that causes infection or disease. Drinking warm lemon will help flush out any toxins held in the body.

5# Drink me after a workout.
Not only does lemon help nourish the brain and nerve cells, it reduces pain and inflammation in the joints as it dissolves uric acid and also replenishes body salts after a workout, making it the best drink to have after a good work out session.

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