Skin health during seasonal change

Every season change, it’s important to revaluate your skin care routine and protect your skin health. Your skin is a living breathing organ that reacts to its environment including climate change throughout the year. This is the perfect time to look at what your currently using and adapt your skin care routine to improve your skin. We offer free skin care consultation for all our clients to give your skin the fighting chance against the harsh weather changes.

As the months get colder your skin is going to experience some very drying out temperature changes, it’s inevitable. To heal and protect your skin and keep it hydrated we recommend adding a very hydrating but not skin clogging face mask at night that is going to help repair any damages and give you maximum hydration. We love and recommend ‘Youtopia balm’ for a more sensitive/oilier/younger skin or ‘makes frankincense anti-aging balm’ for a more mature or dry skin which are both from Earthzest organics. We love these balms because not only are they curtly free and vegan being made from plant oils. These plant oils mimic your own natural skin oils and lock moisture in without creating too much oil overload for a more oilier skin type. Which means no clogging to your pores just hydration. Leave it on for 20 mins as a mini spa pamper treat or sleep in it over night for a big hydration boost. You can thank us later.

Top Tip: It’s best use with a spritz of ‘Rosetorative water’ for maximum benefits with the balm masks so the oils are penetrated deeper into you skin treating your skin cells on a deeper level.

Gentle exfoliation can be a very good tool to use for the face and the body during the colder months also to remove the dead skin cells creating a higher absorption rate due to the removal of the barrier of dead and flaky skin. It’s important not to over exfoliate the skin as it may do more harm than good. so we would recommend a maximum of twice a week. If you have acne we would advice against exfoliation to avoid spread bacteria around the skin.

We are hosting a let’s talk skin bar event on Thursday 27th September to analysis your skin and give you the tools to heal protect and hydrate your skin throughout the winter months. Call us to book your slot 01702 831 885

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