How a spoonful of sugar helped my heat rash.

Being an English rose my skin just cannot cope with the summer heat waves the UK can suffer from. My hay fever hits the roof, my body swells up a dress size, my skin becomes very red and itchy with heat rash and my mood hits irritable, making my poor boyfriend, friends and family avoid me like the plague until I turn a normal colour and size. Well I was just fed up with this and decided to take action, being a beauty therapist and using my skin knowledge I must have something stored in my brain to help me think of a solution. There it was, while I was laying on my bed with a fan blowing stale air at me dreading to try and squeeze my swollen sausage legs into my work uniform.

‘How do I deal with the dry flaky skin?’ Knowing dry dead skin can stop the hydrating creams absorbing in the skin I needed a gentle way of removing it. I grabbed the sugar and olive oil from the kitchen, mixed it up in a small bowl and started to gently rub it over the dry patches on my skin and washing it off with a cold cloth mitt. Once I removed the dead skin I could I needed something to heal my skin and bring down any irritation so I broke a bit of green off my Aloe Vera plant and smothered my poor skin in this soothing agent sent from Mother Nature. Ah, a sigh of relief as my skin calmed and my good mood was restored. My skin was now ready to absorb my Rescue balm for ultra-sensitive skin full of essential fatty acids from Earthzest Organics, it’s my super hero product that I take everywhere with me. I ditched the work uniform and pulled on a maxi dress ‘good job I work for myself’ and went to work.

If you are suffering like me give what I did a try, you could also drink water with a slice of lemon or lime to get your body to absorb higher levels of hydration than just plain water, keep in the shade and apply your sun protection every two hours and use a hydrating cream that contains essential fatty acids to lock in the moisture within your skin cells like Earthzest Organics rescue balm.

Enjoy the sunshine

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  1. Great post Courtney! I know you have ultra-sensitive skin and I’m so glad you like my Rescue Balm for Ultra-Sensitive Skin and it’s helping in the hot weather. I formulated this product to be as soothing and healing as possible and worked with an EU-approved Cosmetic Chemist, so it has been expertly formulated and is one of our best-sellers. Here’s the link in case anyone else wants to try it out 🙂

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