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Giving back to your skin and providing protection throughout the winter.

Most people love summer, I know I do. I love my sun kissed skin, longer days and warmer nights. It makes me feel like I’m on holiday, especially when I walk down to my local, after a long week at work and enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail.  However I do find my skin does tend to suffer with dehydration after the summer months. Now the winter months are coming, I have to change my skin care routine, have you considered this yet?

The skin is an organ and adapts and changes within its environment. During the winter months we face the drastic changes in temperature, from the heat from indoors to the cold from outside, which steals hydration from our skin and cracks our skin’s natural protection. I want to enlighten you on our newly improved Hydro boost treatment to help keep your skin in good condition over the seasonal change.

Ready to dissolve the dead, dry skin and intensively hydrate your face, neck and chest I am excited to reveal the fantastic benefits from this treatment.  Not only does this treatment help provide protection to stop hydration from escaping to the surface of your skin and aids the function of absorption from your winter moisturiser, which is highly important before the months turn colder, it reduces fine lines caused by dehydration . Plumping and firming your skin this treatment uses a serum which holds 1000 times its own weight of water, creating a glowing more hydrated complexion demolishing that dull, grey winter skin.

You can see a visible difference just after one treatment, but why stop there.  At The Beauty Shop we want to keep your skin protected and hydrated all through winter, as we are all about promoting skin health.  We can give you an in depth consultation as part of your treatment, about what you should be doing with your skin, provide a skin treatment plan and what to use at home to get the best results. This is so you can prolong the results of your intensive hydro boosttreatment and keep your skin looking fresh throughout the winter.

To book in your consultation and Intensive Hydro boost facial follow this link.



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  • Rosemary Cunningham Posted September 19, 2017 10:27 pm

    That sounds like a wonderful treatment Courtney. I’m very sensitive so can react but am happy to try in a few weeks time.

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