Detox your life.

Why Detox?

According to Ayurveda, digestive toxins, environmental toxins and even toxic emotions are stored in our fat cells.  Toxins in general are at an all-time high and our bodies and minds are feeling the strain.  We are faced with a multitude of chemicals from the air we breath to the food we eat, from our skin products to our cleaning products and everything in between. Our skin is our largest organ and detoxification has never been so crucial.

What to Detox?

Always start with a bowel cleanse preferably in the form of a colonic or enemas, the reason being you need to make sure the toxins have a place to escape once they are eased out of the organs and fat cells they reside in.  Our cells eat and excrete like we do, only on a much smaller scale, the problem is when there is a back log of excreting, our organs start to congest and not function as efficiently. Our immune system can become sluggish whilst our lymphatic system is on overdrive, hence multiple organs and systems need support when a detox is carried out.

When to detox?

Ideally, we would all be cleansing at the change of season, but hey, once a year is a great place to start!However, always seek guidance and support from a health professional to ensure you are using the correct formulas of herbs and ensure not to disrupt your microbiome in the process.

Detox tips…

Allow your body to rest and really let go, this may be more than just the physical toxins.  It is well documented that both mental and emotional baggage that is no longer serving you can also be released, in naturopathic terms we hold onto many emotions in our bowel/colon.

So what can we do to help encourage detoxification?

Body brushingBrush towards the heart

Hot/cold showersAllow the vessels to dilate

♥ EnemasOnce 15 minutes is achieved introduce coffee

♥ Colonic HydrotherapyRecommendation is key.

SaunasOnce or twice a week.

ReboundingTrampolining for 10 minutes a day to boost lymphatic

Exercise – Walking, yoga, tai chi or stretching.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Hope you are now on your way to a more detoxed life. I’m Claire Brookes BSc nutritionist from Concious Kitchen.


Facebook/insta: concious kitchen Southend



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