Blackhead annihilation

In order to dramatically reduce and prevent black heads you need to understand how they are caused. Oil becomes trapped in your pores under the skin due to a barrier from dead skin cells and make up. Once the barrier is removed the trapped oil then oxidises and the uv light hits it and makes it turn black. Creating those unsightly blackheads. Keeping the skin clean and putting in a regular skin care routine will help massively.

What skin routine do you follow? The beauty shop recommend a very natural plant based, skin balancing products called EarthZest organics. Although their products are oil based they will not clog your pores as they are natural organic oils from a plant, made to work with your skin. Thanks to the beauty of natural science. Cleansing your skin twice morning and night will ensure the dead skin, environment toxins and make up are completely off your skin. Leaving a good surface to work with on the skin. The next steps would be applying your clay based mask.

Clay masks are great for drawing the impurities out but not stripping the natural oils from your skin. Stripping the skin’s natural oils might seem like a good idea immediately after, but you will soon discover your skin produces more oil. This is due to the skin panicking there is no protective oil layer on the skin, therefore producing lots more. So, you might want to avoid the more harsher, high in chemical products when tackling your black heads. EarthZest organics offer different toners you can mix in with the clay mask to suit your skin type. The more bespoke your skin care is, the more it’s going to benefit you. It’s recommended you use your mask 2-3 times a week.

The moisturiser you select needs to balance, protect, have the right amount of hydration and let the skin breath. We hold two serums in the salon, one of which is brilliant for black heads. It is also full of essential fatty acids which coats the skin cells in hydration, preventing the skin to dry out and flake. Less flaking, dead skin cells, on the surface of your skin means less chance for black heads to reform.

Your skin is an organ. It’s not about attacking the symptom with harsh chemicals and scrubs to get short term instant results. It’s about caring for you skin and understanding the functions of your skin. Treating the black heads by focusing on your skin health and stopping the cause will give you longer lasting effects. Watch our step by step guide on Instagram TV

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