Join The Beauty Shop Club


What is The Beauty Shop club?

We created The Beauty Shop club to give you a big thank you for choosing to shop with us. It is free to join and every £1 you spend gives you one credit point back. Credit points go towards free gift treatments you can add on to your next appointment.

How do I join?

Grab a key ring club card when your next in for a appointment, we will attach it to your client profile on our booking system and your ready to start collecting credit points.  When you save up enough points you will receive treatments you have never had before as free gifts added on to your next appointment.

How do I get bonus credit points?

We love to show our appreciation to our club members for staying loyal and sharing the love. So much we give you extra credit points!

  • Rebook the same day of your treatment: 10 Points
  • Write us an amazing review: 20 Points
  • Check in on Facebook: 30 Points
  • Take a insta selfie and tag us in it after your treatment: 40 Points
  • Recommend a friend: 50 Points!

Make an appointment with us today to start collecting points!

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