6 Easy ways to detox

6 easy ways to detox

Being exposed to a lot of toxins within our environment such as pollutions, toxic food and drink we consume especially around Christmas time and high levels of stress due to the fast paced lives we lead, our bodies and our skin take a toxic beating. Although our body have several ways to naturally detox it is very hard filtering water when someone keeps adding the salt, sand and rubbish. I feel it’s important to deep cleanse the body and skin regular and add in lifestyle changes to help assist our bodies detoxify.  What better time to start than the first month of the year? So I have provided some great tips to start your detox. New year = fresh start.

  1. Buy a bunch of lemons

You may have heard of this before but lemon water has some great detox benefits for the body and the skin. Just by adding lemon water into your diet boosts your immune system, improves your digestion, protects the liver and kidneys, promotes skin repair, curbs appetite, contains an overall healthy wellbeing reducing stress, depression and anxiety and helps absorption of iron when eaten with a meal due to its high volume of vitamin C.
Top tip: Use warm water to get best results.

  1. Make small changes in your diet

Yes, this does seem like a no brainer but it’s a very important fact to consider. Eating a lot of heavily processed, high in salt and sugar diets puts a massive strain on our bodies which build up masses of toxins all contributing to, premature ageing, serious health problems, depression, and death. Introducing more of a plant based diet into your lifestyle and cutting out all the processed food you find out of a packet and reducing your intake on high in fat and salt foods will dramatically change your toxin levels.
Top tip: I use a rule with my diet; if it’s man-made I avoid eating it as I feel nature nurtures better.

  1. Take a bath

It sounds crazy but it’s true, not only does a nice hot relaxing cleanse bath relieve stress but by adding certain salts in your bath such as Epsom, sea salt or Himalayan salt really purifies and heals your skin although I wouldn’t recommend this bath if you have a lot of broken skin/open wounds.

Give this salt bath a try:

¼ cup Himalayan or sea salt

¼ Epsom salt

1/3 apple cider vinegar

Few drops of essential oils: Eucalyptus for colds, orange for uplifting, lavender for winding down

Top tip: best to have at night as can make you sleepy.

  1. Get down to the garden centre

There are so many pollutions outside that affect us but what about indoors too. Microorganism, pets, smoke and fumes can make your work/ home environment more toxic than outside. It’s important to keep your indoor areas are well ventilated encouraging a good amount of fresh air flow throughout your home/work place. The best way to do this environmentally friendly is to buy some plants; they are natures natural air fresheners circulating a good oxygen flow balance.
Top tip: why not grow indoor herb or veg plants then you are eating more healthy food and detoxifying your home /work place.

  1. Exercise more

I know it’s very common for this to be one of the new year resolutions but I’m not talking about signing up to a shiny new gym, to use your flash new gym gear the first month and then to never return again. There are a lot of easy and cheap ways to exercise that suit to your fitness level. Try walking to work or the shops instead of driving, do squats at the sink while you brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalators. There are many ways to implement exercise into our everyday lives that will not only keep us fit but sweat out the build-up of toxins creating a happier healthier you.
Top tip: Always take the stairs

  1. Get a massage

Not only will this relax you picking a massage or detoxifying treatment will do your skin the world of good. By detoxing your skin you reduce congestion of oil, create a smoother hydrated appearance (which makes you look younger), calm down any irritation and help boost you immune system.
Top tip: Sea weed/clay based treatments are very detoxifying.

With love The Beauty Shop

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